Dirty Projectors – About To Die

July 10, 2012

The long time knock on the Dirty Projectors before the release of the incredibly inventive but palatable Bitte Orca was that Longstreth was just too challenging. No one ever doubted his musical talents or virtuosity, but whether his music was a victim of his own genius was the question. And Bitte Orca seemed to answer that very question by blending Longstreth’s musical nerdyness with hooks that half of Brooklyn was whistling and R&B rhythms that made his artistic quirks feel almost cool. You might think that means that Longstreth and the sirens compromised something for the sake of commercial success, but frankly, that’s bullshit; Bitte Orca was the result of them getting out of their own way — playing freely. Swing Lo Magellan finds the Dirty Projectors in a similar place, and “About to Die” is the track that best demonstrates the delicate sonic and conceptual balance they seem to have struck in recent years.


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