Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (ft. André 3000)

July 11, 2012

It’s a strange thing to commodify vulnerability and honesty, to sell it on iTunes in the same way Britney sold sex. In truth, it probably says more about us as consumers than it does Frank Ocean as an artist. But whether Ocean’s brand of unmediated, raw and exposed R&B is the result of evil genius calculation or complete and utter social bravery is not the point. What matters is that tracks like “Pink Matter” find Ocean presenting himself to us so emotionally and sonically naked, that you’ll find yourself tempted to look away in embarrassment. He’s giving us — complete strangers — access to parts of himself that feel as though they should be hidden and buried, and yet, Ocean revels in his questions and his demons. “Pink Matter” is another feat of emotional strength in that it’s an exhibition of emotional weakness. “Channel Orange” is out now on iTunes, a week before its retail release.


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