Kanye West – New God Flow

July 6, 2012

Kanye West has always been, well, crazy. On My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the album that may be remembered as West’s climactic magnum opus, he channeled his insanity — the jealousy, the mania, the paranoia, the depression — and created a sonic and cultural diamond: a piece of art that is both so intrinsically and contextually strong, that any imperfections it might have actually add to its overall perfection. Well, with rumors flying around the Kanye is thinking about making an album composed of animal noises, it’s clear that he is still letting the voices in his head run the show. “New God Flow”, a track from West’s upcoming GOOD Music compilation, could have fit snuggly on Watch the Throne, but it also possesses aspects of the raw wild madness that has transformed Kanye West from one of the world’s best rappers into one of the world’s premiere commercial artists.