Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

July 24, 2012

Passion Pit has a hard-candy exterior: it takes a bit of work to get past the thick saccharine shell that coats the mass of crippling darkness that lies their collective center. And Manners, because of its face-value, sonic accessibility, became the proverbial crossover album of the indie rock landscape, with both Williamsburg hipsters and sorority sisters attempting to mimic Michael Angelakos patented falsetto. But on new album, Gossamer, there are cracks in veneer — bits and pieces of Michael Angelakos neuroses leak out and infect the hyper-pop sound that put Passion Pit on the map. The result is tracks like “Constant Conversation,” a devastatingly raw and complex tune that exhibits Passion Pit’s transformation from a stock indie-rock character to a band of depth and vision.


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