Taken By Trees – Dreams

July 19, 2012

Taken By Trees’ East of Eden, an ambitious album that was born out of a pilgrimage to Pakistan, possessed an almost tactile softness and airiness. It was both the quality and intonation Victoria Bergsman’s vocals — a series of melodic whispers that hinted at contentment and peace. “Dreams” is the first release off of the upcoming Other Worlds, an album that is rumored to be inspired by a trip to the islands of Hawaii, and although the patented Taken By Trees sonic fluff is still the weapon-of-choice on this track, it somehow feels utterly fresh, new and alive. Some might throw this kind of tune onto the “easy-listening” pile and save it for a rainy day, but to do so would be to judge the book by its cover, for Bergman is a rare artist capable of highly conceptual music that feels gracefully effortless.


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