The xx – Angels

July 20, 2012

The xx are characterized by their unique ability to evoke intensity and wield real sonic power without ever raising their voice or increasing their tempo. It’s almost unsettling, the calm and tranquility out of which their sound is born, as if it would be damn near impossible to get a rise out of them. But that’s the magic of this band — their music is so romantically charged, so utterly alive, and yet they barely seem to be breaking a sweat. “Angels” is the first we’ve heard of their upcoming sophomore album, Coexist, and it demonstrates the seemingly contradictory combination of youthfulness and confidence that garnered their debut release so much critical acclaim. Again, love is the thematic thread being explored, but because Romy Madley Croft and co. handle the topic with the respect and care it deserves, it simply doesn’t get old.


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