Vensaire – If

July 9, 2012

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon laments that “there’s nothing new under the sun.” Sure, it’s tough to accept that true originality is a myth, especially in the world of art, but once you get past the initial nausea that comes along with that realization, you start to remember that great artists are not, in fact, unique, but master synthesizers — expert collagists. Vensaire is a band that has clearly studied the modern indie rock landscape — from the Fleet Foxes to The Dodos to Grizzly Bear to Animal Collective — and have effectively used the pick-and-choose method to cultivate a sound that is certainly their own, but endearingly familiar. “If” uses so many sonic tropes that will remind you of this or that, it’s as if the track is strangely representative of a time and place in music, a perfect manifestation of the current cultural and sonic trends. That’s not a knock on Vensaire; they are doing what everyone else is doing, but they’re doing it better.


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