Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – I See A Darkness

August 2, 2012

Will Oldham seems to exist in constant state of creative overflow, as if, for Oldham, homeostasis is a state of output. His utter prolificness is astounding; it seems like a new release of some kind has been appearing every six months since Oldham appeared on the map sometime in the 90s. Sure, one could argue that the sheer volume of work produced has left the Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy market a bit saturated — that with each new track, somehow the old ones feel a bit less important — but simply put, there’s no one quite like Will Oldham: his virtuosic, cripplingly raw and honest brand of folk never ceases to feel special. New EP, Now Here’s My Plan, features some new versions of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy classics like, “I see a Darkness,” and while it’s tough to improve on the original, there’s still something wildly endearing and seemingly valuable about just about everything Oldham creates.


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