Magic Man – Monster

November 14, 2012

Yes, “Monster” by Magic Man is not new by any means. In fact the track was released almost 3 years ago on the album, Real Life Color. And Lower Frequencies, as a blog, almost never posts tracks older than 6 months. This will be our one exception. There are not a lot of bands that you truly believe in. That may not be on the iPods of millions now, but you could see blowing up if only they were given a chance. Magic Man is that band, the one we truly believe in. With a new album coming soon, there is no better time rehash old gems and get excited for new material. So put on “Darling” and sing along with Alex Caplow’s catchy hooks. Blast “Daughter” and dance your butt off! Or just sit down with a cup of coffee and a nice pair of headphones and listen to the entirety of Real Life Color. You will not regret it.


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