Frank Ocean – Wiseman

December 25, 2012

Getting cut out of a hollywood film hurts, even for hotshots like Frank Ocean. Frank recorded this ballad for Tarantino’s new revenge thriller, “Django Unchained,” but unfortunately got cut out of the final product. As Tarantino puts it, “Frank Ocean wrote a fantastic ballad that was truly lovely and poetic in every way, there just wasn’t a scene for it.” It is a shame that “Wiseman” couldn’t find a place in Django Unchained, but I think I see where Tarantino is coming from. Tarantino makes movies about people who are traumatized and finally get the revenge they have been searching for. He writes movies about intense emotion — about hilariously cynical people. This is not what Frank Ocean is about. Frank’s tone is reflective, somber, and thoughtful. Frank Ocean is not Kanye West, who would fit right in on a Tarantino flick. Nevertheless, “Wiseman” is another great tune from Ocean. Even if it was not a good fit for Django Unchained, it surely would have been for Channel Ocean and would have gotten just as much praise as

the other tracks on the album. Read the lyrics here.