Doldrums – Anomaly

January 17, 2013

“Anomaly” is an early, tantalizing slice of Doldrums’ next album, Lesser Evil, due in late February. There’s a lot of space in this tune. Massive beats gouge out plenty of room for Airick Woodhead’s androgynous vocals to sail and swirl through. The march of the drums, the willowy backing vocals, and the low rumbling of the bass synths might sound pretty unexceptional in a straightforward mix, except here they’re laced with numerous little swatches of noise and half-pauses in tempo which create an air of slightly twitchy, spliced fragility, as if the song might come apart at any moment. What makes this so captivating is Woodhead’s high, languid voice. It lends the song a soulful beauty, but then, in a few spots, gets twisted up, as if wrung through a machine, introducing notes of queasiness and even torment. There’s something gorgeously off about “Anomaly” that demands—and definitely rewards—repeated listens.