FI/SHE/S – A Drive To The Psychos

January 24, 2013

FI/SHE/S’ “A Drive To The Psychos” ambles along pleasantly at first, glittering and sun-kissed, its bright harmonies channeling the Beach Boys by way of Animal Collective. Soon enough, staccato rhythms and somber electronic undertones start chopping away at the fantasy. Next thing you know you’re grappling to make sense of lyrics, sweetly bent out of shape by the band’s oddly-stressed French accents, mentioning “walking in the city alone/looking for anything to break”, “burning with a gun”, and an ominous declaration: “I want to make this town as sad as I am”. The breezy melodies return in a twinkling 8-bit cascade, but the drums keep rushing up like waves carrying something nasty ashore. “A Drive To The Psychos” is definitely a postcard from a holiday in hell. Or maybe just Los Angeles. But with its polished, effortlessly melodic, and instantly catchy charm, it’s a holiday nonetheless.

FISHES EPCOVER FI/SHE/S   A Drive To The Psychos

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