Humans – Possession

January 3, 2013

“Possession”, the new single from Vancouver’s Humans, ticks away like a haunted clock before its freaky, minimalist synths suddenly burst into jeep-rocking beats. A floating, slightly disembodied voice paints a picture of confusion, loss of self, vertigo. Then, just as you think this is another club track playing on the hackneyed idea of “losing yourself” as a metaphor for the ecstatic transports of dance music, the song sheds its booming beats and winds itself down into a spectral murk. It’s not about a state of mind, it’s a story about a real possession; “I can’t find myself” could be the last moans of a man disappearing down a zombie rabbit hole. It’s a witty, fiendishly catchy, club-friendly version of campy, Ghostbox-style occultism. A great start to 2013.