Jagwar Ma – The Throw

January 31, 2013

Jagwar Ma’s latest, “The Throw”, is crisply-produced, impeccable dance music: textured, lush, and hypnotic. When an industrial bassline bubbles up through the mix, somewhere near the middle, an odd, displaced feeling creeps into the song, like it’s a chilled-out version of itself, a scorching club track warped down to a mid-tempo groove.

That is, it sounds like itself, only medicated. And that’s

probably by design. In common with a few other tracks recently reviewed on LF, by the likes of Humans and Doldrums, the song evokes scenes of a weird, blissed-out psychodrama playing out inside someone’s head. Singer Gabriel Winterfield’s androgynous vocals curl through the song’s slinky groove before melting away into vacancy, repeating a line which sounds straight from dream-delirium (I think it’s “keys are closer than I could imagine”), before icy laughter ripples in out of nowhere. It’s spooky, eerily beautiful disco, a state of euphoria streaked with drifting numbness. Sounds very much like the here and now.


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