Lazyeyes – Wait

January 4, 2013

Lazyeyes is a shoegaze outfit from Brooklyn who are getting ready to release their debut, self-titled EP, Lazyeyes. Yes, Wu Lyf broke up, and they are not coming back. But if “Wait” makes any statement, it’s that Wu Lyf were not the only ones who can make this kind of music. As soon as the snares hit in “Wait”, you are immediately reminded of the vast — epic sound of L Y F. Ok, maybe I am drawing out this comparison a little too much, but I am just happy to know that people like Lazyeyes are able to recreate the kind of magic that Wu Lyf created. “Wait” brings back those summer memories, invigorates you, and fills you with ambition. It’s a pleasant surprise for the shoegaze, psych-rock community.

NewImage2 Lazyeyes   Wait