Local Natives – Three Months

January 29, 2013

Gorilla Manor was about the struggles of a lonely twenty year old. “Is my life about to change?/ Who knows?/ Who cares?Hummingbird on the other hand is about the growth that comes after pain. During the process of making Hummingbird, bassist Andy Hamm parted ways with the band. Three months later, lead vocalist Kelcey Ayer’s mother passed away. In an interview with Pitchfork, Ayer states, “Parting with Andy was really hard for us, and then my mom passed away last summer. In a way, it really helped me to process a lot of things, and there are some songs on the record about that. We’ve just grown so much over the past two years…” “Three Months” is a beautiful, slow ballad that give Ayer all the spotlight. “I am ready, to feel you” belts Ayer. His voice has never been this uninhibited. The emotion is completely let out in ways that we did not see in Gorilla Manor. Local Natives have made a less upbeat album — one that may not be perfect for those sunny summer days — but Hummingbird is absolutely gorgeous and more profound than ever.


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