Autre Ne Veut – Play by Play

February 28, 2013

If you’ve ever wondered how a grasping, needy, desperate plea for love can sound jubilant and life-affirming, you need to hear “Play By Play”. Taken from Autre Ne Veut’s new record, “Anxiety”, Arthur Ashin’s glittering devotional is awash in love and the fear of being apart. The song seems occasioned by a one-sided phone call—the opening cascade of synths could be New Age-y ringtones—a missed connection that turns into an opportunity for a gorgeous voicemail confession. It’s a moment of disappointment we’ve all felt when our loved one doesn’t pick up, but Ashin expands it, dwelling in the separation as if basking in divine grace. Though the low, booming drums almost break out into a thumping techno anthem, the song hovers in orbit, part hymn, part slow-motion panic attack. The second half of the song soars, with Ashin’s lush falsetto multiplied into a chorus majestically repeating, “I just called you up to give the play by play/Don’t ever leave me alone”. Message received.


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