Bennio Qwerty – Crutch

February 21, 2013

Bennio Qwerty offer the latest proof of rock and roll’s weirdest paradox: three-piece bands just rock harder. Even the best of the Brooklyn trio’s more established peers will sound like stoned barbershop quartets next to “Crutch”, one of those bobbing and weaving jams only the very lean and the very mean can pull off. The incendiary, lesser-rock-god vocals, studded with nonsense proclamations, burn with punk’s predatory sincerity. But whenever “Crutch” threatens to push the plunger on that tired old dynamite, the song slows to a defiant crawl before brightening again into spare, coasting melodies. Actually, the fluctuations are what make “Crutch” so fun. Though the song is sectioned into sprints, lurches, jags, and gallops, there’s a dominant control here, like a sports car going through precision gear-shifting. Like the rest of the excellent EP it’s taken from, it sounds like a band that can do anything it wants.


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