Generationals – Spinoza

February 7, 2013

The bruised romance described in the lyrics of “Spinoza”, the first track from Generationals’ forthcoming album Heza, crackles with the magic of an open secret (“Don’t deny it happened/Don’t deny we know”), and so does the song itself. This one is proudly decked out in the 80s, calling to mind some lost, ill-fated collaboration between Peter Buck and David Gedge. But the polish and verve in this jaunty, bittersweet, tough little love song, as in other Generationals’ tracks, remind me of nothing so much as the dynamic synergy of the Go-Betweens. It isn’t a similarity of sound so much as the evidence of a free, fluid abundance of style. Like Forster and McLennan, Ted Joyner and Grand Widmer come across as two music lovers jamming for the sheer joy of it, effortlessly deploying (I’m guessing) a masterful knowledge of pop, conjuring up the past to dance with it, making it fun, bright, and new—all over again.

NewImage1 Generationals   Spinoza

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