Magic Man – Paris

February 15, 2013

Redefining yourself is a daunting task, and no one knows that better than Providence’s Magic Man. It has been three years since the band released Real Life Color, an album that we at LF simply adored. This debut LP brought a whole mix of emotions. Parts were quiet, warm, and reflective, but others were loud, chaotic, and euphoric. Maybe Magic Man didn’t quite know who they were, or who wanted to be at the time. But if a three year rest is good for anything, it’s clearing up that identity crisis. It’s for gathering all the resources you have and defining yourself as something bigger and better than you were before. For Magic Man, “Paris” does just that. Once a bedroom dream-pop duo, now a five-person synth rock powerhouse. Watch out world, Magic Man is hitting you with all their might.


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