MANS – Mellow Magic Marker

February 14, 2013

MANS, a four-piece from London, have come up with an instantly endearing jam with “Mellow Magic Marker”. This slice of steamy, slow-cooked funk sports a magical, Prince-like ability to screen a whole movie in your head, condensing a sultry love affair into a completely captivating three minutes. It’s layered and lush, and wryly funny, too. Lines like “We had such a special time/But your brother put up quite the fight”, sung in creamy falsetto, make the track sound as if it might have been created for an unaired episode of “Flight of the Conchords”. (That’s a compliment.) This one’s not about floating in a golden haze, however. It’s about dropping out of one. As it grooves along, subtle licks of bass and guitar poke through the gauzy vibe with muffled notes of sobriety, culminating in the disillusioned singer wondering why the hell his lady is “talking shit” behind his back. There it ends, raw, like a slammed door. Awesome while it lasted.


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