Youth Lagoon – Mute

February 12, 2013

With “Dropla” and now “Mute,” it is clear that Trevor Powers is trying to create an album distinct from The Year of Hibernation. That album was beautifully mellow and made you want to go out into the world and appreciate every bit of it. However, the first second of “Mute” would not fit anywhere on The Year of Hibernation. It’s more substantial, epic, and chaotic. The melodies are still there and still powerful, but everything else has changed drastically. 2:56 off of “Mute” pretty much sums it all up. There is a certain kind of strength and force present in this track that is unbelievable beautiful and substancial. Powers is making it clear he is not a one trick pony. And with his new LP dropping later in the month, he should have critics praising him

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