Mikal Cronin – Weight

March 28, 2013

In some ways Mikal Cronin’s “Weight”, a new track from his upcoming album “MCII”, soars along like a good but typical specimen of uplifting indie rock. Cronin wove intricate, filigreed hooks around a blaze of heavy guitar, uncorked some bouncy drums, and mixed in languid vocals to create a song both fleet-footed and dense, a little downbeat and mopey but also quickened with resolve. But there’s so much depth in which to get lost here. The music has plenty going on beneath its polished surface, and the lyrics smartly mess around with the language of self-affirmation. Fragments of life-coaching platitudes, wearily sung—stuff about starting over, second waves, going day by day—finally give way to a plea to “take me from myself”. “Weight” connects emotionally because it’s what it feels like when the chatter finally rings hollow and nothing’s left but the unbroken will to live.


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