Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends

March 14, 2013

Portugal. The Man’s “Evil Friends” sends out a clear and sinister warning. It’s three and a half minutes of nasty, aloof, militant cool, with singer John Gourley telling us “I’ve got a friend in the Devil” and “I was already sick before you were born”. Not someone you want to stop and ask for directions to the nearest Starbucks, then. Of course, the song isn’t a warning. It’s a welcome. It’s a welcome because “Evil Friends”, like every other shit-kicking, adrenaline-jacking, sucker-punching, fire-starting, whiplash-inducing rock and roll jam, is always an open invitation to some kind of party or other. Though it creeps along slowly at first, once the spite gets going “Evil Friends” takes off with the swagger of an old Stones track, cocky in the knowledge that rudeness is always charm when you’re the coolest kid in town.


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