Rhye – Major Minor Love

March 1, 2013

Rhye’s upcoming debut album, Woman, is beginning to be feel more and more like a concept album. With the fantastic singles, “Open” and “The Fall” centering around themes of intimacy, seduction and loyalty, it wasn’t a surprise when titles such as “Hunger,” “Woman,” “Last Dance,” and “Major Minor Love” showed up on the track list. Rhye is tackling the enigmatic nature of love with full force. But it’s not really Rhye’s lyrics that make their music so sincere. Lines like “You’ve got my heart beating triple time” are cheesy. But when sung with the high, immaculate voice of Mike Milosh (yes, the lead vocalist is a male), the words suddenly become completely genuine. It really does feel like Rhye has something to say about love that has not been said before. Now that’s an accomplishment.


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