Small Black – Free At Dawn

March 7, 2013

Small Black have kindly soundtracked your first morning in heaven with “Free At Dawn”, the first taste of their new album “Limits of Desire”. Here is a perfect song for wandering a beach on one of those pristine early mornings when a glacially-slow change in the tint of the sky from pale blue to fleecy rose seems as dramatic as a Fourth of July fireworks show. If that sounds cloyingly pretty, appreciate the way Small Black avoided a bombastic, arena-ready, Simple Minds-ish vocal. The music is all glory and transcendence, but the vapory vocals comfortably swirl behind, still down in this world, the song’s tempered emotions summed up in the fantastic line, “As futures go, well, this one, it seems fine”. The freedom in the song is inward and subtle, not a cheesy “soaring in the clouds” feeling as much as a sensation of drifting along with a surging current.