Vampire Weekend – Step

March 26, 2013

Vampire Weekend is an interesting case. Their debut self-titled album seemed to be unanimously loved. It’s not that it was incredibly profound, or beautiful, but it was simply so fun. Who knows how many students had “A-Punk” playing on their iPod while walking to school on a spring day. Their style was immediately relatable, cheerful, and catchy. Then came Contra, another fantastic extension of what they did with their debut. They played with many more instruments, and was a little more experimental, but the same great style was present. Somehow though, the buzz was lost. The hype seemed to reach an apex and then drop immediately. One could say that Vampire Weekend have something to prove with their third LP. But Vampire Weekend isn’t dumb enough to fall into that trap, after all, they did all go to Ivy League schools (ha). Vampire Weekend is going to do exactly what they should do, keep making the music they know and love. “Step” is reminiscent of “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” and feels like a great break from some of the higher tempo tracks that will probably be on the album. While many of you may be over Vampire Weekend, I’m more excited than ever.


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