Caveman – Never Want To Know

April 4, 2013

Caveman’s “Never Want To Know”, from the band’s just-released second album, taps into some of the hazy, bruised beauty of shoegaze in a mission to get lost in nothingness. “I never want to know if I was wrong for you”, sings Matthew Iwanusa, and I doubt ignorance has ever sounded quite this blissful. Though the lyrics nicely set the song’s mood, they’re a little thin; Caveman seem far more interested in taking out their delicate guitars for a graceful flight through the clouds. The sting of lost love is swallowed up by the calming majesty of the music. Still, the sound here is earthier than typical dream-pop fare, balanced with a loping rock groove, and the result is both emotional and measured. “Never Want To Know” is like an unfinished, improvised sketch, but torn from the sketchbook of a master.


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