Folly & the Hunter – Vultures

April 29, 2013

Folly And The Hunter have got skills. There’s really no better way I can illustrate my endearing feelings toward this Montreal three piece. They are self described as basing their sound in “American folk tradition and pull inspiration from contemporary indie and post-rock trends.” And in this regard I like to compare their sound to master folksmith Bon Iver and post-rock legends Sigur Rós. But there are no words or comparisons I can give to exemplify just how good their sophomore album Tragic Care really is.

“Vultures” is a dreamy, atmospheric masterpiece — a track you’d expect to hear at the climax of an epic drama. The song is beautiful in it’s own right, but the vocal harmony these three achieve when the chorus rolls along can be appreciated regardless of your musical preferences. At a time when some of the biggest names in music might have let us down with recent releases, it’s a refreshing feeling knowing there might be more bands like Folly And The Hunter just waiting to be recognized.


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