Generationals – Put A Light On

April 3, 2013

Ever since 2009’s Con Law, Generationals have consistently produced

pop hooks with their signature lackadaisical style. They make songs that are reminiscent of the 80’s and are perfect for those bright sunny days. However, with a record label change, Generationals have made a subtle change to their sound by going with a more sonic approach. “Lucky Numbers” was the first glimpse we had at the band’s movement toward synths and away from their usual guitar rifts. But it is really in “Put A Light On” where it all comes together. This track is all about the xylophone-esque instrument that provides the melody throughout the song. It’s a sound that feels completely new and unique. It provides the track with all the force it needs to be the great upbeat pop jam that it is. No, Generationals are not making the most prolific music out there, but this is a band that I could listen to on any day — in any mood. And for that, they have a special place in my heart.


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