Los Porcos – Do You Wanna Live?

April 11, 2013

Self-proclaimed “Disco House Pigs” Los Porcos arrive with “Do You Wanna Live?” a splashy, infectious, shameless disco stomp in the classic tradition of Franki Valli, Earth Wind & Fire and the Bee Gees. The stylish, falsetto-flaunting singer is like a ghost of discos past, redolent of coke-dusted debauchery but also rollerskates-and-bubblegum innocence. If the charms are familiar, the track benefits from a slightly fuzzy live sound. Unlike more typically overproduced, slick-souled dance music, ticking and clicking with electronic syncopation, this coolly rollicking number is clearly a party song performed in person by some heavenly house band. The groove holds steady even during a prolonged wail of a guitar solo (so absurdly over the top as to recall Eddie Van Halen’s in “Beat I­t”), helping punctuate the impression of garage-funk live jamming. Supremely, awesomely addictive.


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