Poliça – Tiff (feat. Justin Vernon)

April 18, 2013

Poliça’s new track, “Tiff” (featuring Justin Vernon), is another seamless blend of electronic and R&B the band does so well. With the rest of Poliça nailing down a sultry, vaguely threatening atmosphere, the star is singer Channy Leaneagh, who seductively delivers a scattershot dramatic monologue brimming with vivid details and dark suggestions. She manages to make her words drift, stretch, and snap in a tumble of bewitching poetry; the story may be murky, but her emotions are searing and unmistakable. The cause of all this luxurious desolation isn’t clear; “need my TV, need my meds”, she sings at one point, like a broken but still lethal femme fatale living out some kind of thriller. Every listener will probably hear a different story—I’m thinking “Showgirls” remade by Frank Miller—which is a tribute to the imagination Poliça artfully packed into a silky four and half minutes.


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