Superhumanoids – So Strange

April 25, 2013

Superhumanoids’ “So Strange” is about love in a place that isn’t really a place. Some may take this for an ethereal romance, flung across dreamy distances. Others will pick up on the hint in the opening lines about driving, culminating in “you make me hate this town”: ah, so it’s Los Angeles then. Either way, the track, taken from their new album, “Exhibitionists”, should earn legions of fans. Every element is superb, from the tasteful funk guitars curling over the casual kick of the drums, to the iridescent smear of synth, to Sarah Chernoff and Cameron Parkins dueting as lovers divided by—well, broken hearts, or maybe just a long car ride. (In L.A. it could be either.) They turn Gertrude Stein’s quip about Oakland, “there’s no there there”, inside out: “where it isn’t it is”, sings Chernoff, as if ‘there’ is already here, already everywhere, driving in a city without end. Immaculately crafted pop.