Braids – Amends

May 2, 2013

BRAIDS’ moody new track, “Amends”, sounds like a conjuration, or better still a séance. A patch of heavy hiss is abruptly pierced by a pulsing bump-and-tick, as if an old analog receiver were suddenly receiving a nether-worldly transmission. Then Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s vocals curl through the mix like smoke summoned shamanistically by the low, repetitive beat. The track could be heard as a deconstruction of dub-step, further draining its murky soundscapes down to a hypnotic tangle of voice and percussion.

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At the very least it’s an arresting meditation on the flickering borderlands dividing body and machine. Yearning softness keeps colliding with something inhuman and relentless, an unresolved tension that leaves “Amends” drifting somewhere between enchantment and affliction.


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