Magic Man – Nova Scotia

May 9, 2013

Providence’s Magic Man continue their effortless evolution into synth-rock juggernauts with “Nova Scotia”, lifted from the new EP “The Fox Den Demos”. Sleek, cool, and irresistibly danceable, the track stands apart for achieving a purely organic luster without sounding overprocessed and jacked up on studio embellishments. Likewise, voice and words wittily avoid big hackneyed emotions, instead flashing up in clever turns of phrase (“Sometimes nothing says it all”, “Tomorrow turned into yesterday/Why’d you take your time?”). The candy-swirl of synths marks the sound as technopop, but the beat is essentially straightforward rock; this one’s made more for a bedroom—dancing headphoned, alone, euphoric—than a club. Categorizing is useless, though. Not because “Nova Scotia” sounds like nothing else, or because it’s a trendy hybrid of seventeen different genres. It’s useless because it belongs to the one special category which swallows up the rest: immaculate pop.


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