Fortunetellers – Make It Easy

June 14, 2013

“Make It Easy”, a sparkling track from Fortunetellers’ recent release, “Get Them Good”, should keep fingers snapping all summer long. Bouncy and brisk, this instantly likeable slice of twee pop makes an act of seduction sound like a nurse coaxing a frightened kitten down from a treetop. Although the mix foregrounds the band’s sprightly rhythm section, giving the song a skipping, danceable groove, there isn’t a lot going on below the waist. Singer Kathleen Cruger’s lovely vocals are all sugar and no spice; this one comes from a spotless place where “I wanna hold your hand” has a strictly literal meaning. But Cruger’s guileless, fresh-faced boldness—her offer to write a letter conjures images of a young Wes Anderson heroine, complete with personalized stationery—adds greatly to the song’s appeal, allowing “Make It Easy” to flaunt a big heart without overdoing it on the cute.


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