Hospital Ships – Desolation Waltz

June 24, 2013

Hospital Ships are a constantly evolving band. If you listen to their full catalog you’ll see how each album sounds different, but still seems to grow off the last — starting where they left off so to speak. Their third and most recent release Destruction In Yr Soul is admittedly quite the challenging listen, however that is by no means an insult. It’s often found that those acquired tastes are the ones that have the longest lasting impact. And so is the case for this rewarding, yet equally exhausting record. It’ll soon be clear what I mean after giving a track like “Desolation Waltz” a first listen. I’ll admit it took me about four tries to fully grasp this giant of a song, but with each listen it became abundantly clear that Hospital Ships are a band bent on making a name for themselves on nobody’s terms but their own.


(stream removed by request, sorry!)

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