Krill – Sick Dogs (For Ian)

June 25, 2013

It was only last week we heard Krill’s triumphant single “Purity of Heart,” which truly showed the progress of the band since their less produced, debut album. But with “Sick Dogs (For Ian),” Krill has entered a whole new level of professionalism. This is not to say that the band has lost their youthful, rebellious nature. Take the two minute mark for example. Here, guitarist Aaron Ratoff rips his guitar like he’s just a college kid having the time of his life. And let me tell you, this rift shines brighter than anything we’ve heard in a while. But then we hear Jonah Furman’s odd, Spencer Krug-like voice. Suddenly, As he repeats the hook, “Set the dogs on me/ Set the dogs on me/ I deserve what’s coming/ I deserve what’s coming,” we hear a side of Krill that is carefully calculated, constrained, skilled — professional. Since 2008 Krill has been perfecting their craft. Boy has it payed off.


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