The National – Sea of Love

June 11, 2013

As with most of The National’s albums, “Trouble Will Find Me” grew on me substantially. At first it seems a bit lackluster, but after multiple listens, the lyrics magically become more relatable and the undertones begin to find a way to stand out. The recurrence of The National’s tame first impression surely has something to do with Matt Beringer’s low, often monotone voice. It is undoubtably what makes The National, The National – but it takes getting used to. Once it is fully embraced though, nothing is more satisfying. “Sea of Love” is the shining moment on “Trouble Will Find Me” as it is the most fast paced and hard hitting. This is not to say that the slower tracks on the album are not fantastic, for “I Need My Girl” and “Don’t Swallow The Cup” are some of the band’s best, but by making it rhythmically fast, The National purposeful gave “Sea of Love” the spotlight it deserves. And with the line “If I stay here/trouble will find me” it is clear that the band believes the track is the heart of the album. It’s big, personal, and a touch melancholic – all things we know and love from one of the best current bands out there.


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