Tiny Hazard – Mountain Song

June 18, 2013

Finding an voice like Joanna Newsom is a difficult task. But if there is one artist that Joanna can be compared to, it’s Tiny Hazard. But it really is not all about the voice. Alena Spanger’s vocals are absolutely stunning, but it’s the fact that the band is willing to strip down its layers until the spotlight is on her and her only. At times, only stretched out piano chords and ambient echoes help Spanger move along. The effect is an intense sense of honesty and vulnerability. However, things change a little before the two minute mark. Suddenly, as she sings “I opened my self and you came through/you came through/you came through,” a burst of energy comes thrusting forward. Here Tiny Hazards separates themselves of

Joanna and the rest before them. This is a truly unique and captivating artist, ready to take Brooklyn by storm.


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