Wampire – Orchards

June 20, 2013

“Orchards”, a blissed-out bummer from Wampire’s debut album, “Curiosity”, shambles along in a haze of a narcotic delirium. What’s demonically affecting about the song, especially after a few listens, is the way the Portland duo assembled a spacey atmosphere made up of distinct elements mashed together in clockwork melancholy. Guitars, organs, whistling, wispy background noises, trudging percussion, and other random sounds don’t form harmonies so much as adjacencies your ears pick out one at a time. If this is a kaleidoscopic daydream, the blurry wash of colors is on the verge of coming into sharp focus, which may be the point: the shadow of sobriety is falling over everything. “I was stoned outside the old folks’ home/And we can’t stop our laughter/It’s so fun to be so goddamn young/But it won’t last forever”. This is definitely a trip, but we’re getting on at the bitter end.


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