Bear Hunt Controversy – Seasons Come

July 31, 2013

Bear Hunt Controversy’s stellar new track, “Seasons Come”, is a funny, groovy, sharp little duet in which a guy tries to hold on to whatever it is his girlfriend, for her part, knows is already gone.

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He bleeds and pleads, she keeps brushing him off. What’s so fresh about this playful, skillfully-layered song, available on BHC’s debut EP due on August 20, is the trio’s sure-handed confidence in its own flavor of highly-literate weirdness. As you might expect from a band gracing their EP cover in bear masks, BHC give the song a bewitching dose of theatricality. He makes his case, she squelches him; he makes his case again, in almost the same words, only his voice is plaintively doubled in the background; again she’s not having any of it. Changing tactics mid-song, he abruptly, awesomely, expertly busts out in– well, no spoilers, just listen. It’s one of the best pop moments of the year, like a hyped-up ghost crashing in on a soul lounge séance.


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