Gilligan Moss – Hemlock

July 11, 2013

Gilligan Moss’s stunning new track, “Hemlock”, features a daisychain of vocal samples draped over an ambling piano melody. Clocking in at seven minutes, the song

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takes its time moving through a prism of moods. The numerous sampled voices are stretched, looped, sped-up, and twisted almost out of recognition, creating vivid emotional texture, while the music bumps along steadily beneath. The result is an unusual jumble of pop sounds, with fleeting swatches of soul, classical, techno, hip-hop fusing together beautifully. It almost evokes a state of delirium, but the impact is too concrete for that. This is a sublime use of sampling, words sliced up into abstractions, a completely familiar language scrambling itself into alien sounds which are still, somehow, clear, immediate, and completely intelligible. You already know “Hemlock” in the marrow of your bones and it’s still like nothing you’ve heard before. (via prtls)


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