HAERTS – All The Days

July 3, 2013

HAERTS’ “All The Days” nails the sound of a heart shattering in slow motion. These gifted New Yorkers, soon to release what should be a very good debut, skillfully work up a massive sound which builds and builds without peaking. Almost impatiently, the song runs in place, its muscular, steady drumming and jittery bassline pushing and crashing into the measured cadence of the vocals and the icy, ethereal keyboards. Instead of a galloping breakout, the song coils inward, broken with gaps and free-falls. Singer Nini Fabi reflects on vanished love, regret, resolve, the fleeting fragility of life, and so on: the usual romantic stuff. But these are just pretty poeticisms next to the controlled detonation of the chorus. The fragment “all the days we had together” doesn’t quite punctuate the rest of the lyrics or lead anywhere new. As Fabi repeats the line, over and over, wringing pain from every syllable, she sounds stunned, unable to do anything but circle over her loss. This is a subtle, smart, and prismatic take on an overfamiliar emotion in pop.


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