Willis Earl Beal – Everything Unwinds

July 5, 2013

There’s a hell of a story behind Willis Earl Beal. It’s a worthy wikipedia read if you are interested, but I’ll give you the rundown if you are too lazy. After being discharged from the army in 2007, Beal was homeless, working entry-level jobs trying to make ends meet. With the little he had, he started recording music. The result was Acousmatic Sorcery, Beal’s debut recorded on a cassette-based karaoke machine and a $20 microphone. Forget lo-fi — this is no-fi. It was a production-less work of art that transported listeners back in time to when music was first being recorded. The static was there, but so was an unbelievable voice. And with a little more money now, that voice is even more stunning. It seems as though the low production of Acousmatic Sorcery was done out of necessity, not by choice. “Everything Unwinds” seems to prove that this artists can bewilder the world without the gimmick of under-funded production. (P.S. check out the clever video)


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