Grey Reverend – Everlasting (Radio Edit)

August 5, 2013

Grey Reverend first appeared on our radar after listening to the new Bonobo album The North Borders. The epic opening track “First Fires” featuring Grey Reverend seemed to leave listeners wondering who exactly this relatively unfamiliar artist was. Grey Reverend is singer/songwriter L.D. Brown out of Brooklyn. If you listen to his catalog you’ll see that his sound tends to be deeply rooted in the folk genre. I like to think his work is most similar to artists such as Fink or perhaps James Taylor. His new Everlasting EP is a collection of four wonderful acoustic-folk gems. Included in those is “Everlasting”, a lovely and soothing ballad of heartwarming intensity. It’s a track that’s sure to leave a strong impression on anyone fortunate enough to hear it.


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