Velma Grove – Older

August 26, 2013

This year hasn’t been short on emerging folk artists. Up and coming acts like Golden Youth, A Grave With No Name, Half Moon Run, and Cowboy Indian Bear have helped contribute to what is becoming one hell of a year for the indie folk genre. But today the focus shifts to Australian 8-piece Velma Grove. I approached this album with little to no expectations because, frankly, I had no idea who this band was. But as the final track approached its end I knew one thing with certainty – I needed to play this record over again. And so went my lazy Saturday consisting of Velma Grove and unhealthy snack food. “Older” is sure to incite some emotion in anyone willing to let their feelings run wild. If the lush guitar melody doesn’t encapsulate you from the start, you’ll surely be transfixed by its epic conclusion.


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