Washed Out – Don’t Give Up

August 12, 2013

Washed Out have somehow become the face of the lo-fi, dreamy electronic genre that has taken the blogosphere by storm since the beginnings of this website. The name pretty much sums up everything about them, as well as the growing idea of “hipness” in today’s youth culture. Instagram filters make photos slightly blurry, indie filmmakers use the shaky camera effect, and most music coming out today favor low budget sounds rather than crisp, professional sounds. People seem to like things that are a little… washed out. So with Paracosm, the new Washed Out album, we kind of expect the pinnacle of all these ideas. With the recent single, “It All Feels Right“, Washed Out have ventured into a more ambitious sound. One thing is for sure — it’s bigger. But “Don’t Give Up” is surely something we are all familiar with it. These are little steps for, but ones that might pay off big time in the long run.



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it on iTunes here