Arcade Fire – Reflektor

September 10, 2013

There are very few bands in this day and age that do what Arcade Fire do. They have released three LP’s and each one has been praised and considered some of the best modern music to hit the scene. But what really shocks me is that Arcade Fire does not change a whole lot in each rendition. The sound that is in Funeral is in The Suburbs. Now it’s 2013 and the new single “Reflektor” is out. It seems a little more edgy than previous works and new instruments such as bongos are introduced, but the same Arcade Fire is there. It is almost as if this band has defined themselves by a certain set of chords played usually by bubbly synths or strings. Near the end of this seven minute anthem (a new trend for Arcade Fire) those chords become present. And it does what all of their songs have done in the past, make you feel warm.


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