Brother Dan – Junk

September 5, 2013

Brother Dan’s “Junk” wraps up four minutes of prowling lust inside a bright, high-strung, funk-laced stomp. Danceable, light-hearted and soulful, the new track from Daniel Kerr (of Boise’s Atomic Mama) is

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structured so that two slinky verses, each leading off with the come-on line “Give me all your lovin’/Wake up, baby”, build up anticipation for a moment that doesn’t quite arrive. Instead of choruses there are gaps of skittishness and delay, with the vocals going silent as spacy synths bubble away underneath the surface. The whole song goes by before the guy works up the nerve to make his proposition, in an endearing Casanova falsetto, “I’ll make love to you/If you want me to”. The reply from his weary girl, “Teach me in the morning”, is a great punchline that might sound super-sad on one listen, super-hot the next. The irony nearly makes “Junk” a little too clever for its own good, but Kerr’s precise, hypercaffeinated pop keeps us along for the ride.


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